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The Following are words of wisdom from a young man and “Friend” who carries a mantle as Watchman
and Prayer Warrior in the Nation of Egypt.

Power of the Double Edged Sword in Prayer:

May your prayer times be changed in the knowledge of the double edged sword
and your place in the heavens to use it.
Hebrew 4:11 says - “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul & spirit, joints & marrow; it judges the thoughts & attitudes of the heart.” Have you ever been asked: Why, the word of God is like a doubled edged sword, and what is the purpose of this sword having two sides? Below is an article explaining this very subject, where I hope to encourage each believer to take up their sword, which is the word of God, and let it have its way over, in and through you. I hope also to draw you into a new season of your life, one that will awaken a fresh zeal for time alone with the Lord in prayer.

There are two sides to the doubled edged sword, and as someone called to a life or prayer, can tell you also that there are two distinct aspects of change that take place, through our time in prayer. That is, if we are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to have His way. First - the Word, or as we are talking here the Sword, has power to change our hearts, (as we ask to be changed by it), then and only then, on inviting the Holy Spirit to continue His work, can we see the Word and Sword change, Secondly - the atmosphere around us, (as we are willing to continue to be guided by Him in the promises of God).

The first side of the double edged sword has a power over the hearts of men, and the second side has a power over the spiritual realms in heaven and on the earth. Places that have been won and taken by the enemy are now, as a mystery revealed in Christ- Places that are to be taken back by the saints. (the church) Eph 3:10 -”His intent was that now, through the church, the manifold wisdom of God should be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly realms, according to His eternal purposes which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Through the church, God's wisdom will be made known and proclaimed to the forces of darkness. The heavens await it, the angels await it, it has been written from the beginning of time.

Spoken also in Psalm 149:6 -”May the praise of God be in their mouths and a double edged sword in their hands, to inflict vengeance on the nations and punishment on the peoples, to bind their kings with fetters, their nobles with shackles of iron, to carry out the sentence written against them. This is the glory of all the saints. Praise the Lord.”  It is the Glory of all the saints to do such a work. For it is our calling to fight for Him!

Our voices and that of the angels are one's of the bidding of God, and the angels await our voices being joined with the Lord's to do His will. Psalm 103:20 - ”Praise the Lord, you His angels, you mighty ones who do His bidding, who obey His word. Praise the Lord, all his heavenly hosts, you his servants who do His will.” The angels are awaiting the command from us to go, and take back the grounds the enemy has stolen in the heavens, and the earth. To take back Kingdoms, to bind kings with fetters, and to even inflict punishment on the peoples of the land. For it is the call of the church to judge, to make judgments on the earth as He has already made them - and so we speak according to His will and Word. 1Cor 6:2 - “Do you not know that the saints will judge the world?..”

However, it is not the written word to be simply taken as the double edged sword in our hand, but the RHEMA WORD, the Word revealed by the Spirit of God to men, that is living and active, sharper then any double edged sword. We have often taken out of context the scriptures, to go with the sword of God in our hands (which is the Word) and simply proclaiming them, believing they have power to move mountains. But the mountains and the enemy reply -”who are you? Acts 19:15b…-  “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?”

Why do they not recognize us? It is because the Word is only spoken at the will of the believer, and not at the prompting of the Spirit. We have not been changed by it, nor waited upon the Spirit to guide us in using it. For this takes time, dedication, sacrifice, a will to die to self, and this is where many have fallen short of using the sword aright.

It is a dedication of your time to wait on the Spirit of the Lord daily, allowing the power of the double edged sword and Word of God to have its way over your life. First, your own heart must be changed, letting the Lord search you, change you, and take you into His heavenly realm to talk, think and be like HIM. Then once inside this heavenly realm the atmosphere begins to be changed. A place where the ground can be taken back for the Kingdom; the ground where you are standing, the grounds of your home and the grounds that the Spirit leads you to pray for in this time; for lands, for people, for Nations.

Authority comes from the Word, yes, but the Word must be revealed by the Spirit - the Word needed for each moment, for each battle, for it is a spiritual battle and one fought on the grounds of Spirit and Truth together. As Isaiah explains:“They that wait upon the Lord, will renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings of eagles; they shall run and not be weary...” -Isa 40:31 This is where your strength comes from, waiting on the Spirit of the Lord, to guide you in using the Word, where the double edged sword can come and be used as your weapon of warfare.

This battle however is one of a forceful magnitude, one that will be as warfare to each man who begins to walk in it. Both Luke and Matthew  have written, of Jesus speaking of the Kingdom being taken by force, and Jesus is clearly stating that there are two different forces at work to win it over.

In Luke, Jesus is speaking of the heart of man entering back into the Kingdom by force. Luke 16:16: "The Kingdom is being preached and everyone is forcing his way into it."  Each man (heart - emphasis added) presses by force into it. Notice He is talking individually here, saying "everyone" is forcing into it and the Greek explains a moving into it, with force. I am suggesting that it is the heart of man being spoken of, that is forcing its way back into the Kingdom. Since it is the heart that has fallen away from God, and the heart that Jesus has come to regenerate, and so be brought into complete habitation with the Father once again.

While in Matthew, Jesus is speaking of the spiritual realm being taken back by force in Mt 11:12: "The Kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men take hold of it."  The Greek details some significant words we need to look at. So I will write it again in literal English taken from the individual Greek words used. "The Kingdom of God is overpowered or seized and violent and forceful men openly take it back." The Greek clearly explains the Kingdom is overpowered and has suffered violence, and we know, there are demonic powers that have taken stance in the heavenly realms (Eph 6:12). But the scripture clearly says - we are not moving into the kingdom here but taking it back. There is a clear differentiation of activity going on in Matthew and Luke.

There is a Double Edged Sword at work. One side fighting, as a power over the flesh and the second, as power over the spiritual realms, and both sides of the Sword have been given to us by God, to use. Why? To gain back those places that the enemy has stolen.

Mathew and Luke have written however, that Jesus is speaking of them both as a violent war, a fight not taken lightly or won easily.

First the battle is against the flesh, man must fight to gain back this land of the heart for Jesus. It is warfare that is only won at the vehement travail of each man and woman, at the laying down of our lives and will, to have our hearts changed to be like that of Christ, but all that is within us, will fight against us to take up this cross daily. For the fight is daily, the flesh has taken over, and we must fight against our own desires and thoughts, to enter back again into God's Kingdom.
“Surrender is hard work. It is intense warfare against our self centered nature.” - Words of wisdom, taken from Rick Warren

The war lays in each day being committed to bring our hearts to be cleansed and changed by the Lord. To lay down all our own thoughts, to submit everything we have ever learned, to being as nothing, compared to knowing Him. The self however is at battle with itself, and until we recognize this we will not enter the battle a right, we will not know how to fight, or what  must be sacrificed to take part. This is the first battle, the first side of the double edged sword and the warfare involved to use it.

Secondly the battle is against the spiritual realms; Matthew writes of the Kingdom being taken by force or overpowered, and here we find ourselves at the 2nd edge of the sword. This time the battle is for God and for His Kingdom, for the spiritual places and the atmosphere to be gained back for Him. How? With the Word of God in our mouths, as led by the Spirit, but now with the right to use it, for we have given Him time with our hearts, and now we must wait upon the guidance of His Spirit once again, but this time as He leads us into the battle for His Kingdom. Where our time, and our voice, and our lives are HIS, and so He will begin to use us to speak for Him to take back the Land. (Here lays the battle against spiritual forces who will try everything in their power to stop us from giving our time and life to Jesus for such warfare. They will use their powers to come in spiritual battle against us, in any way that will hinder us, and they will try to refrain us from spending time alone with Him each day, for they know the power we will have there. Remember, it is Violent and Forceful men who take the Kingdom back, we must not give up at this point, but must be willing to give up our lives for it, and for God.)

I am not saying: That all our walking with Christ, will be that of battle. There will also be times of complete joy, and delight for our souls, in drawing near to Him. I am simply explaining, that some of the greatest battles for each believer will involve; prayer and giving more of our life and time to Jesus. For as Leonard Ravenhill has said: “With every possible guile that he knows, the devil would snatch from us the closet of prayer. For in prayer man is linked with God, and in that union Satan is baffled and beaten.” So of course He would come at us from every side to draw us away from this time alone with God.

So what is at stake? The Kingdom of course! and what is the power of the saints? To take back the land! First for the heart (flesh) and then for the Kingdom (spiritual). For both are Christ’s!

A Double Edged Sword has been given to us. Will we use it? A Sword for us to fight against our flesh, a Sword to fight against the spiritual realms of darkness. Providing a way for us to enter into a place where Jesus can use us, where we are guided by His spirit to join the warfare along with Him, against these spiritual powers in the heavenly places. A place where He can begin to move us into this warfare. He knows that we are ready to move into this battle to fight for His Kingdom, for He knows if our heart is being changed to be like HIS, and to this knowledge also, the enemy must bow down.
Will we take our place? Will we fight for Him? For the Kingdom is at hand.
Finally - We need to force our way into prayer daily, for the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We need to force our flesh and heart to submit, until we have nothing left. Then as we begin to wait on the Holy Spirit to change us and have His way, will the atmosphere around us also be able to be changed. Where we will begin to speak God’s promises into being into the spiritual and physical realms.
A servant of Christ our Lord, living in the heart of Egypt.

Words of Encouragement

Be HUMBLE that He may search your heart to prepare you, WAIT upon the Lord that He may guide you, be BOLD to do His bidding that He may use you. A place where the enemy bows down at the voice of the Lord speaking through you.
Remembering it is only in Spirit and Truth, that worship is done and the fight is won.

Note: Too often we come into prayer with attitudes, and thoughts of others that are not that of Christ’s, and maybe we want Him to change them, but until we are willing to be changed, and our hearts come into alignment with His, we will not be able to expect anything that we have asked for. Nor will we be able to battle against spiritual forces that have taken control of the hearts of men, or the hearts of church leaders for that matter - since we have not the mind of Christ, or the submission to Him to see them as He does. Only if we are willing to lay down our attitudes, finding Christ’s love for those we are praying for, and even be willing to lay down our lives for them, (as Christ has laid down HIS life for even those who hated HIM) will we be able to fight in the spiritual high places, both for men’s hearts and also for the land. My brothers and sisters the souls of men are at stake and The Bride is being hindered from coming into her fullness - taking her place at the Wedding. For we have not been willing to lay down our lives for Christ, or for one another.

For some further understanding - On how to gain Authority and Power, to take back strongholds of demonic authority in heavenly places. Those spiritual strongholds, taken by the spiritual bondage of the hearts of men, that the enemy has claimed for himself. Such as Pride, selfish desires, idolatry, and so forth…

Each spiritual place is taken back, only when we, as the children of the living God has reclaimed that ground, in our own hearts through Christ. Then and only then do we have the authority over each individual power of darkness, which Satan and forces of darkness have taken, (as a stance in the heavenly realms against the work of God’s hands.)

Only when confronted in spirit and truth by the believer who has won this ground in his own life, can the Holy Spirit lead him through prayer into warfare with these demonic powers. Where they have no place to fight and stand against us, for Christ has won back our hearts, and the enemy bows to such wonder on earth.

The wonder, that God, the creator of mankind, has won the worship, and love of men. By their free will, in the midst of the battle, in the midst of the fire on earth, through the temptations of Satan, and even at the expense of losing all, of themselves.
That is the mystery proclaimed on earth to the powers of darkness in the heavens, by the church through Christ. (see Eph 3:10)
-To the Glory of God the Father, “HALLELUJAH!”

Words of Wisdom from one of our early fathers:
I saw a vision and the whole world was covered in the snares of the devil.
I asked what can defeat such powerful snares, for there are so many?
and a voice replied: "HUMILITY"
When Jesus has been given reign over all the places of your heart, what will remain is humility.
Let Him take back your heart!
and come to the battle ground!
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